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Dental Hygienist & Therapist appointments

At Tupsley Dental Practice we feel that Dental Hygiene care is a very important service that we can offer. Our Dental Hygiene team comprises of our Dental Therapist, Sarah, and our 3 Dental Hygienists, Jo, Stella and Elena. Each of them is experienced at treating all types of patients. For example, they are all excellent at caring for nervous patients and those who have sensitive teeth. The team are very adept at treating patients who require more advanced treatment of the gums and will actively involve patients in the management of their gum health.

Our team are competent in caring for patients with Implants and are very knowledgeable with regards to offering advice on how to clean around the Implants effectively. All of the team works closely with Mark following Implant consultations to ensure patients are able to achieve optimum plaque removal prior to placement of new Implants.

All of the Hygiene team can advise on tooth whitening and patients can book all the necessary appointments with any of them following a referral from a Dentist.

Children are offered appointments with the Hygiene team and the focus is on prevention. Fluoride varnish applications are provided up to twice a year and Fissure Sealants may also be offered.

Each of the team prides themselves on their delivery of Oral Hygiene advice, which is personalised and individualised to each patient. They try to empower patients to effectively clean all areas of their mouths. Indices are used to screen and monitor periodontal disease and the relevance of systemic conditions, e.g. Diabetes can be discussed and advice given.

This is a non-exhaustive list that the team may provide but it gives an insight into some of the services that our Hygiene team can offer.

Sarah, our Dental Therapist, can also place fillings required on children and adults and extract primary teeth.

It is also possible to book Direct Access appointments with any of the Hygiene team. Direct Access provides choice for patients and since 1 May 2013, the General Dental Council introduced this system which eliminates the need for a Prescription/referral from a Dentist. So if you are registered with another Dental Practice, but wish to book a Hygiene appointment, then you are able to book with one of the Tupsley Dental Practice Hygiene team.

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